Volunteering and Recruitment Fairs

Our Annual Recruitment and Volunteering Career Fairs are designed to help your organisation fill part time vacancies, volunteering, work experience and graduate opportunities.

The career events are open to all students across our varied subject areas. The average student overall attendance at the Fairs is between 900-1000. 

Students find that this is an excellent opportunity to step in their career or find part time, seasonal or voluntary opportunities. This popular event is mainly attended by international students, postgraduate students and first year students. Some employers also use this event to raise the profile or their organisation to attract potential graduates.

We run our Recruitment and Volunteering Fair at the end of September/early October each year.

To learn more about the event opportunity as an employer, or to receive a booking form, please email Juan Garcia (Employability and Development Advisor)

Some Employer Feedback:

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Person, Job
"Reasonable, affordable means of recruiting staff, especially for the time leading up to Christmas."
"Very relevant degrees, genuine interest on what we do."
"Students were keen and enthusiastic."
"Very interested. Well-informed and focused."
"Great. Most of them knew exactly what kind of opportunity they were looking for."
"Good quality of candidates who we will be able to assist with part time temporary work."

Careers and Employability

If you are a student looking for careers advice you can contact Marion Pollock or Charlotte Beck.

If you are an employer looking for information please contact Juan Garcia.

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Careers and Employability

Marion Pollock 0131 474 0000
Charlotte Beck Careers Advisor 0131 474 0000
Juan Garcia Employability and Development Adviser 0131 474 0000

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