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DEVELOP@QMU is a bespoke development programme put together by the HR team at Queen Margaret University.

The programme is based on a pyramidal model, which is reflective of the University’s structure and shows the progression levels throughout the structure. Every role within QMU is mapped into a “job family” and the requirements of each role is clearly defined at each level, together with the core knowledge, qualifications and skills a role requires so individuals can see at a glance their own role profile and the role profiles that they may aspire to. 

Each “job family” has clearly set out “Stepping Stones” to illustrate how individuals can progress through their job family or move their transferable skills across to another job family.

Stepping Stones establish links and enable individuals to map career path options with links to a Learning Directory to help plan the next steps on their career journey. During Performance Enhancement Review (PER) discussions with line managers, individuals will discuss their career aspirations and development.


Human Resources Enquiries

The recruitment process is managed by the QMU HR team.

For any recruitment and selection process enquiries, please contact us.

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Human Resources Enquiries

Human Resources Team 0131 474 0000