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Research and Knowledge Exchange Strategy for 2022-27

Our vision is to be a leading and inclusive modern University, known for transformative research and KE, excellent in our outputs, progressive and distinctive in our culture, and far reaching in our impact. By challenging conventional thought we aim to improve quality of life through world-leading interdisciplinary, research and KE – making an impact and responding with integrity, we will be known for the creation of research-based evidence and innovation in policy and practice.   We value diversity in our thinking and culture to drive excellence and ensure equality of opportunity in the development and capacity of all our researchers and their contributions to addressing societal challenges.  Our new Research and Knowledge Exchange Strategy for 2022-27 focuses on the strategic priorities of People, Culture and Impact. It is currently in the late stages of development and is due to be published here in the coming months.

Research Culture

Our vision is to achieve an international research profile that ranks QMU as one of the leading post-92 universities in Scotland. Our Research and Knowledge Exchange (KE) is focused on improving quality of life and building the evidence base for policy and practice through world leading interdisciplinary, transformative research and external collaboration. We work at the intersection of conventional disciplinary groupings to create innovative approaches to contemporary societal challenges and public discourse, and make a significant contribution to the creation and sharing of knowledge that reaches and influences a broad range of regional and international stakeholders. 

Our researchers benefit from different perspectives and interdisciplinary expertise that comes from being part of a community of researchers from across the University. QMU is dedicated to building a supportive, considerate and highly motivated research culture based on diversity, inclusivity and mutual respect across all activities to help us to attract and retain our talented staff and students.

We offer researcher development training and mentoring; funded initiatives; interdisciplinary events; support for external collaboration; enterprise and innovation services; grant writing support; and career and professional resources to enhance employability, with opportunities  to meet others and become part of our vibrant research community.

QMU Intellectual Property (IP) Policy

QMU has introduced a new IP Policy based on the principle of "Easy IP".  The aim of Easy IP is to maximise collaborative partnerships and ultimately, the transfer of university knowledge for public benefit.  Aligning much more closely with our institutional vision and commitment to impact and translational research, this provides a new IP exploitation framework to maximise user engagement with our research. 

A refreshed approach will support QMU in increasing partnerships with external stakeholders, collaborative research, insights into research problems and early product development. However, this new policy does not replace traditional routes for exploitation of high value opportunities or externally funded research.

Please find a copy of our Intellectual Property (IP) Policy


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